SL Solar Portable Survival Relief



the best choice for survival and rescue

This is a unique design,excellent

performance.powerful,wide range of solar

energy outdoor activities essential products.

This product is light,small and portable

It can not only provide the basic power for

home appliances but also for outdoor work

and leisure

Humanized design of draw bar

Raindrop Status

Open Status

Detachable back lid and replacebale battery

Provide power for all kinds of electrical appliances below 500W

TV, Fan

Music Center


Provide power for 12V input electrical appliances

solar water system of air extractor

solar water extractor

cigar lighter device

Provide power for 12V output electrical appliances

electric cooker

mini refrigerator

Car cup

Provide power for 5V/12V input electronic products, can be charged 3 kinds products at the same time.

solar electric pajamas

solar electric gloves

solar electric shoes

Car motor starting

When the car battery has run down, it can directly start the car, the maximum current can reach 300A.

Charge for external batterry

Can charge more groups of external batterries.

AC Input

Control Panel

DC Input

Product Application Happy Collective

Create a dimension, the attitude of life experience,

to create your life.

There is a need to create. User first principle as the first product design,

product first step to solve the user needs,Second step for the user to create surprises.