The Agency Agreement

  • Party A:Shenzhen SL Solar Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as party B)
  • Party B:(hereinafter referred to as party B)
  • Party B to Party A by the business philosophy, product performance, marketing mode, management ability and so on various inspection agree to accept, at the same time, combined with their own conditions and development space, the local market resources and other aspects of the business environment, put forward agent application, by both parties in line with the friendly consultation, the principle of equality and mutual benefit, common development, contributing the following terms and conditions, to abide by.

Article 1: The General

  • 1, Party A and B are independent, the legitimate business, of mutual benefit between the two sides do not exist any part, investment, employment, contract relationship, the employee is not an employee of party A, party B provide party A the labor relationship and behavior does not undertake any responsibility.
  • 2, Party B as independent economic entity, self-financing, independent accounting, and consciously safeguard the interests of party A, accept party A's guidance on the business.3, Party A and party B must abide by the laws and regulations to obey the law of the People's Republic of China.
  • 3, Party A and party B must abide by the laws and regulations to obey the law of the People's Republic of China.
  • 4, This contract is bound by the laws of the People's Republic of China and protected.
  • Calculates domestic shipping quotations in coordination with Logistics when applicable;
  • Facilitates the effective hand-off to order processing;
  • Provides back up support to Reception when needed;
  • Owns the RMA process and coordinates the process through Engineering, Admin, and Logistics;

Article 2: The Proxy Definition

  • 1, Products: party B agent "product", refers to:
  • Cool Move series:
  • Cool Life series:
  • 2, The district: party B agent "region", refers to:
  • 3, Brand: party B agent "brand", refers to:

Article 3: The Rights and Obligations of party A

  • 1, Be responsible for volume supply products on time,;
  • 2, Party A shall support party B to carry out the "product" market sales, party A to party B agent "region" of other customer sales agent by party B with "product".
  • 3, Except as otherwise provided in this contract, such as the area of other customers inquiry directly to party A party B agent order "product", party A should be customer referral link;As the customer request to deal with party A, party A shall determine the selling price with party B, at the same time sales will be included in the party B sales.
  • 4, And party A shall provide party B the "products" price information, should maintain a relatively stable, any change should inform party B in time.
  • 5, Party A agrees to contract to sell the "products" such as occurrence quality problem, after confirmed by party A, party A shall be free repair or replacement.
  • 6, The principle of party A for party B to implement proxy price supply, will be subject to unified the supply price list (see attachment).

Article 4: the rights and obligations of party B

  • 1, Marketing mode: party B shall actively promote the sale of "product", and to ensure a considerable scale and enough ability of marketing team, and the "product" carried out in the business in China and expand.
  • 2, Minimum sales: party B within a week after the signing of the contract began to replenish onr's stock, the first were not less than 10000 yuan;During the effective period of this contract in the first year, the party B product minimum sales amount is 50000 yuan, annual sales growth rate of not less than 30% of the appraised;Assessment of fixed number of year for three years.
  • 3, Market conditions, party B after signing the agency contract, the priority right to sale of new products;party B shall be responsible for quarterly to party A to provide party B product sales situation table during the month.
  • 2, The district: party B agent "region", refers to:
  • 3, Brand: party B agent "brand", refers to:
  • 4, Products "price: party A with market price to party B for your reference. party B according to party A's agreement price fluctuate 50% sales agents, in principle, shall not exceed the limit.
  • Agent commodity prices
  • 1, Distribution price, unified distribution to b price of the product, according to the cost and management fees to determine prices, but fees shall not be more than the cost price of... %.Cost price by the input input tax, packing, price, freight and A to party B qualification examination and sales rebate, shall not take any other fee to party B or interests.
  • 2, Sales price: party B shall, in accordance with party A's suggestion (rules) the retail price of selling products (services).party B shall not adjust the product sales price or disguised by _______ charge tariffs.If the retail price of party A's suggestion (rules) does not conform to the market situation in this region, party B needs to adjust the sales price, they shall report to party A shall, according to the requirements of the system of unity and the location of comprehensive consideration of the market situation, the decision to adjust the price.

Article 5: Liability for Breach of Contract and Other

  • 1, In the process of any one party Breaches of the contract, according to the contract to the other party compensation of breach of contract.
  • 2, Both sides any one party, the factors affecting the implementation of the contract due to force majeure to the other party to submit a written report cannot perform the contract, the both sides each other is not liable.
  • 3, After the termination of contract, such as the request of party B contract, should be made to party A two months before the expiration of the contract renewal application.
  • 4, And party A and party B what happened in the process of execution of this contract dispute, both sides mutual consultations;In the case of unable to talk things over solve, any contributions to this contract proceedings.

Article 6: Support and Preferential Treatment

  • 1, Product Buy-back: with annual sales for the numeration unit (referred to annual sales from achieve sales revenue for the first time on the day of play the next year on the same day check), if party B requires to terminate this contract due to the bad sales management circumstance, party A to party B "product" according to the agency of unsold repurchase price of 70%;Buy back the product produced by the transportation cost, the party B shall be responsible for;Repurchase in poor quality products (damaged, dirty, used, etc.) affect sales again, party A shall not buy back;2, Sales Reward:
  • 1) The minimum sales exceed sales part can rebates, as sales reward (attach).
  • 2) The sales outstanding of party B, party A will raise the proportion of rebates, as write-downs party B sales reward management fees (details attached).
  • Supplement: according to the characteristics in different parts of the economy and regional conditions, will give different sales administration policies attach detailed sales incentive policy.

Article 7: Other Matters

  • 1, This contract matters not, both sides talks things over solve, and will be subject to a written agreement.The execution of this contract in case of article 6 of the situation in the first paragraph as a termination of contract.
  • 2, The first payment to party A account contract goes into effect.
  • 3, This contract in duplicate, each party holds one.
  • 4, From the date of signing both has the force of law.
  • 5, Government trade: this contract shall not apply to the government or business between party A and party B's deal between the government, also does not apply to bid on trade.
  • Party A: Shenzhen SunLove Solar Co., LTD. Party B:
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