Exquisite small, convenient
use, two kinds of charging
ways flexible choice

Bumblebee lamp

Cool life

zero loss of electricity

One day ,one night light .

A variety of USB rechargeable, choose a variety of convenience

Follow the direction of the sun charging

here there is the sun there is energy.

Green /Environmental/ Energy saving.


360°+Design of

Double - track Spindle

Multi-angle random rotation to provide a variety of ways to use

To be more self-willed wayward .

Wayward shaft can be

suspended ,floor support ,

handled , flat

Any time /Any where /Free to place.


Touch switch Adjust the brightness

According to different use of the environment to adjust the comfortable lighting brightnes

Heart Casual Free to manipulation.

Brightness as optional

ong press the touch point, brightness increased step by step.

Quick light small, light,

suitable for all kinds of use

of the environment

Suitable for all kinds of use

Reading、Leisure、Caring、the night light 、Emergency light、Portable ligh

How to use?

Plan A                                                       Plan B                                                     Charging Tips


  • 1. When not using the product for a long time ,please fully charged and charge once every three months.
  • 2. Store in a dry environment and avoid contract with corrosive substance.
  • 3. Keep away from sources of ignition and combustible environments.
  • 4. Don’t strike ,disassemble or disassemble the products.
Ltems Size Stand height Lithium battery Solar panel Silicon wafer LED power Brightness
Specifications 90X88X30
80 — 96
3.7V 1000mAh 5.5V 120mA Single crystal
0-1.7W 0-1000LUX
Ltems Lighting time USB charging USB charging
Solar charging
Specifications >4H 5V 500mA 3H 10H 0-45℃ -20-60℃ 6000k

Five colors from the

natural color scheme

Bee orange / Spring green / sky blue / Autumn red / Medium yellow

Bumblebee lamp

Taken the environmentally

recycling carton packing.

Create a dimension, the attitude of life experience,

to create your life.

There is a need to create. User first principle as the first product design,

product first step to solve the user needs,Second step for the user to create surprises.