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Solar Camping Mosquito Repellent Lamp

Cool move

Solar Camping Mosquito Repellent Lamp,
For the night to add light

Solar Camping Mosquito Repellent Lamp,Body compact and exquisite, powerful and practical, portable
design easy to carry for your camping to bring more protection and fun.

A variety of lighting options make your camping easier

Bright cold white source ,allowing you to camping and nocturnal
lighting source is more abundant.

Low light:2w,6500k cold white light

Hight light: 0.5 w 15 m range

Ultrasonic repellent ,
away from mosquito bites

Frequency 23.28khz closest to the male mosquito
frequency,for outdoor expulsion of Aedes mosquito
(mosquito species of transmission Zika virus) one
meter range.There is no effect,no UV radiation
without chemical polyester pollution,healthy non-toxic.

Angle variable lamp,
lighting more convenient

A bright cool white light source,allowing you to
experience thr safety and comfort of constant
lighting in your camping tent.

Large-capacity lithium battery,
portable energy supply

4400mah large capacity lithium battery for other
small electronic mobile device charging

A variety of charging methods to
protect energy is not exhausted

Solar power : 1.6w6v monocrystalline silicon solar panels, photovoltaic power generation.
Hand-cranked power generation : 5v3A current input, mechanical power generation.
USB charging : 5v 1A current input, cross-flow charging.
Charging complementary, the product will never power!

Founder of the shape,
compact size

Geometric modeling, whether in the car is placed
in the hot trunk or at home when the storage
space is more space-saving, improve space

The parameters,
the function is introduced

  • Battery Lithium_ion Battery 3.7V
  • Solar Panel Poly-crystalline,6v260mA
  • USB input 5V 1A
  • Hand Generator input 6V 700mA
  • Dimension 19.7*16.2*5.2CM
  • Weight 0.435KG
  • LED Power LED Max. 1W
  • Spotlight Power 1W
  • Mosquito Repellent Frequency 26-28KHz
  • USB Output 5V 3A

Exquisite details, intentions show

Create a dimension, the attitude of life experience,

to create your life.

There is a need to create. User first principle as the first product design,

product first step to solve the user needs,Second step for the user to create surprises.